Meler PUR system added to kolbus

Just added a Meler PUR system to a kolbus publica binder in Australia, visit for more details


Kolbus binder for Dubai

Futuregrafic will install one of the most sophisticated binding lines to be delivered to Dubai in the next few weeks. The Kolbus KM470 Ratiobinder is the latest addition to Farook International’s bindery and will almost treble the companies binding capability!


Spine prep for PUR bound books

The ideal spine prep for PUR binding is a micro notching tool.



PUR bound books do not automatically produce a lay flat book, how flat the book lies depends on the amount of glue applied to the spine!


Kolbus binder

We have a kolbus km473 year 2006 with 18 station gatherer zu841, 27 clamp binder with EVA and PUR, splitting saw and trimmer all in great condition, offers to


PUR for beginners

If you need the low down on PUR adhesives for bookbinding contact futuregrafic services ltd, we supply systems for Muller Martini, Kolbus, Wohlenberg etc