Futuregrafic machine and factory relocations

Here is what our customers say about our relocation services

“We recently used Futuregrafic to relocate our bindery operations between factories in South Wales, our Muller Martini Acoro binding line and Heidelberg ST stitching line were moved, as promised by Futuregrafic in just 6 days! The equipment went back into production without fault and has continued to perform perfectly since the move,

I would not hesitate to recommend Futuregrafic for bindery equipment relocations”.

Mark Partridge

Managing Director

Zenith Media Group


PUR bookbinding on older binders

For many years it has been impossible to convert older perfect binding machines to use PUR adhesives, well not any more! Futuregrafic and our partners Imansolutions have been working with Spanish gluing solutions company Meler to develop systems for all makes and age of perfect binder, it is now possible to convert even the oldest machine to use the latest PUR glues. We have converted binders that are at least 25 years old as well as the very latest models available, if you want more information please contact us today vis futuregrafic.com